Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Update

Well, it's been a while. Must mean I've been busy outside again...let's see. I've got my 9 tomato plants in, my 9 pepper plants in, 6 kohlrabi, 3 eggplant, and 3 broccoli, all my pea vines are growing nicely. I've planted all my seeds for sunflowers, pumpkins, watermelon, carrots, and beans. I actually am hoping to plant a few more carrot and bean seeds this week some time if I get a chance. I also want to plant some melon seeds, and maybe some cucumbers. And definitely some zucchini plants as well.

I finally got to plant my blueberry bushes. They look fabulous. Well, they look like somebody poked some sticks in the ground, but I love them already. The blueberry bushes are in the front yard, along with all the tomatoes, peas, sunflowers, pumpkins, and, of coarse, a few herbs and flowers for my soaps. I also have some carrots and beans planted out front, too. And maybe 6 square feet of grass...

My strawberries are starting to set fruit. I've been trying to help them along, due to lack of bees. I've been considering getting my own hive, truthfully, to help with pollination, and also of coarse for the honey. My girls and I have seasonal allergies, and honey helps little people to develop a resistance to the things they are allergic to.

I harvested some rhubarb for the first time yesterday! It was quite exciting. I had been letting this plant reach its full maturity before harvesting anything from it, and finally, yesterday, it was ready! One of my husband's favorite foods is rhubarb torte, so I made one for him. It was quite exciting.

I can see in a few weeks we'll have raspberries, which I'm quite excited about. The raspberry canes had been neglected for at least a year before we moved in, but I was able to revive them. I'm hoping for a big harvest this year. We have June-bearing raspberries, so I'm hoping for more than just a few handfuls this year.


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  2. I love to garden it is relaxing. Hope you get lots of raspberries.

  3. Thanks! So far, no raspberries, but I've got some baby strawberries!