Monday, June 1, 2009


I harvested my first bunch of radishes this weekend! I have never grown radishes before this year because nobody in the family likes the taste of raw radishes. I decided to grow them this year to use for cooking. I used them in a stroganough- type dish I made up. The radishes gave the meat sauce a distinct, but not overpowering, flavor. Later this week I'm going to plant more radishes in a different place in my garden.

I finally finished harvesting all the dandelions I'm going to harvest this year. I roasted the dandelion roots and froze some of the leaves for using later. Next year I'll probably use more of the plant altogether, but this year I just used all the roots and saved a few leaves. I had a LOT of dandelions since the summer before we moved here (07) the garden and yard were severely neglected. We don't spray weeds, so we end up pulling a lot of them.

My strawberries are making what seems like millions of berry babies! I think they'll be ready to be picked starting the end of next week, which is exciting. Still waiting on the raspberry blossoms...looks like they might be coming later this week. The grapes are looking way better now than they did this time last year.

My seeds are starting to sprout all over the garden and my perennial herbs are looking great. My sage is flowering and my lemon balm is looking ready for a harvest. I used some lemon balm in lemonade the other day. It was about the best lemonade I ever made!


  1. Congratulations, I'm definitley going to have to start a garden!

  2. Thanks! Gardening is such a wonderfully productive hobby! You definitely should try your hand at it!