Monday, June 22, 2009

So, Apparently Birds Love Strawberries...

I had my husband make a cage for our strawberry patch about a month ago. Things were going very well for a while. The berries were getting ripe. They were looking really delicious. I told my four-year-old which strawberry was her's. We checked on her strawberry every day. Then, one day, about ten, or half of my strawberries, were gone. The next day, the other ten were gone. Now I have no strawberries. I was sure the cage was good for keeping the birds out. I thought they would not be able to get in. I was wrong. I actually was out on my porch reading a book and saw a cardinal go straight through the wires. I scared him away, but I didn't have any strawberries by that point anyway.

As much as I was frustrated and angry about having lost all the season's best and biggest strawberries, I was quite a bit more upset about my four-year-old not getting her strawberry. She didn't seem to mind too much, which was good. But still. Being a mommy makes me very protective of my babies, and I can't believe those stupid birds would eat my babies' food! Usually I tend to think of myself as a very level-headed person, until you mess with my babies!~

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