Monday, June 15, 2009

Grandma's Garden

Yesterday we went to visit my husband's grandmother and grandfather. They are both in their 80s, retired farmers. Bea, my grandmother-in-law, I guess, still has a huge farm garden. She grows fruits, vegetables, and herbs, still. I find it amazing that someone in their 80s is still able to till the soil, plant the seeds, weed the beds, harvest, and preserve the harvest. Right now her strawberries are coming to fruit. She has a huge strawberry patch next to a huge raspberry patch. She freezes both so they can have fruit on their cereal in the winter time. My girls were quite excited to try some strawberries right from the garden. I was just excited to talk with her about the garden and see the garden: the asparagus patch, the pole beans, tomato plants, potatoes...oh, my!

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