Friday, January 9, 2009

Garden Politics

The meeting last night was not exactly a smashing success...not that I assumed it would be precisely successful, but still. First of all, I was the youngest person there, which I already knew would be the case. So no big surprise there. I don't know why, but I was a bit surprised to find I was the youngest person by about 20 years. I expected at least perhaps a 30-year-old or two. We didn't go around the room telling everyone our age or anything like that; I'm just guessing.

Second of all, because I was the youngest person there, nobody took me seriously. I guess I hadn't considered that aspect. It's going to take some time to gain all the retirees respect. But once they realize I know more about gardening than they do, then perhaps they'll at least take notice. Maybe they'll all hate me. Maybe they were just prejudging me the same way I'm prejudging them.

Lastly, I left the meeting with the feeling nothing really was accomplished. The only thing I really took away from the meeting is a clear understanding of where the classes are going to be held. So I guess, if anything, the meeting was a mediocre failure. At least I know the classes will be better because the facilitator won't be taching them.

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