Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fridge Disaster

This morning as my husband was about to leave for work, I went to get a glass of water from our water dispenser on the door of our freezer. It didn't work. After opening up the freezer section and the refrigerator section, we discovered the temperature inside was the same as the temperature outside. Agh...

So instead of working on my blog right away like I used to, I set to work emptying the freezer. I know the usual advice is to leave everything in there and don't open the door till the coldness comes back, but everything was starting to melt. The ice was dripping on the was chaos. Well, thank goodness it's January. I like to stock up on produce from the garden and the farmer's market, but by January that supply is less than half of what I started with this year. When I run out of stuff, or get severely low, I like to stock up when I can get a good price. I was in the process of starting to stock up because, oddly enough, I just about ran out of everything all at once recently. Another good reason to be happy it's January is that the high outside today is -8F. You read that right- negative eight degrees Ferenhieght is the high for today. So I was able to put half of the stuff in the freezer in the chest freezer in the basement, and the other half I put on the porch.

I decided to wait a bit to empty the fridge since it seemed a little cooler in there. I put everything that had to be refrigerated and could not be frozen into our camping cooler. It's a big cooler, but it doesn't have enough room for everything from the fridge. I used the rapidly melting ice from the freezer in the cooler. I figured I was saving myself the trouble of cleaning up the mess later and cooling the refrigerator food at once.

Pressing on, I did a little research online to figure out the problem. Seems like a simple enough fix, so I'll have my husband work on it Saturday. The part we need costs $60, whereas having a repair person come over would cost $300, so we're saving ourselves $240.

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