Monday, February 2, 2009

January Online Earnings

Ok, I decided to post my earnings for all my online ventures every month for the month previous. January was my first month to go at online writing full-bore. I was mystery shopping before January, and I thought I could quickly make up for the lost mystery shopping earnings by writing. So far that hasn't happened.

MyPoints: a $10 gift card, as usual (post a comment to learn more about MyPoints)

eHow: $16.86, at least, before all the glitches began (more on that here.)

Bukisa: a whole $0.26, all from ad clicks, no revenue from my network

Inbox Dollars: about $2 (post a comment to learn about Inbox Dollars)

CashCrate: nothing- I took the month off to build up my writing

Finally, my blogs (this one and the Quintessential Cheapskate): a measly one
penny. Thanks, adsense. Thanks a lot.

I plan to add to my list of money-makers as time allows, so I may have a longer, if not more productive, list next month.

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