Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The D-Word

I'm a Lutheran. So is my husband. We're devout. We go to church every week, take Communion, say the Creed, all that. Lutherans are more concerned with keeping a marriage together than Catholics, in some cases. Lutherans can't have a marriage annulled, for any reason. You can be a Lutheran and still get divorced, but you'd better have a damn good reason. No "unresolvable differences" here. Since we take marriage so seriously, we never say the d-word to each other, even in jest. And even talking about divorce with other people, for any reason, is kind of taboo.

So why do I say all that? Because one of my best friends finally filed for divorce yesterday, and I couldn't be more thrilled! As I wrote previously, you have to have a very good reason for a Lutheran to justify divorce. She's not Lutheran, but as her Lutheran friend, I could count at least 3 good reasons to get divorced. Since, as stated previously, talking about the issue is a taboo, I won't share any details or anything like that. I will say, yesterday turned into a GREAT day after I found out!

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